Lake City Study Club 2023-2024

This is a 9-month, collaborative dinner and learning academic curriculum, that satisfies the RCDSO core 2 credits; (16 h total). The focus of our group will be on Total Case Management and Comprehensive Treatment Planning. In our first year as a club, emphasis will be on interdisciplinary care for our patients. We will be an affiliate of the Seattle Study Club, a leader in the field of Dental Continuing Education. There are more than 265 Seattle Study Clubs world-wide, with over 6,500 members to dateThe Academic Season will focus on Treatment Planning and Total Case Management. We will emphasize interdisciplinary care for our patients and seek to:

  • Improve treatment planning expertise in honing our skills.
  • Become more comfortable with the treatment of implant cases.
  • Establish a support network, with my office acting as a Resource Centre for educational materials and coordination of treatment.
  • Utilize the support of the Advisory Board to provide expertise during the clinical sessions, as well as working with you closely on your first and/or ongoing implant cases.
  • Utilize the small group interactive sessions to develop relationships, and share not only the clinical problems we may experience, but to spotlight the “pearls” and tips that we have learned along the way.

Please contact our office 705-222-3223 to confirm your interest in joining the Lake City Study Club.